3 bedroom villa Mykonos

Mykonos is the land of whimsical dreams, and it invites the nature-loving enthusiasts from all across the globe to spend their young and joyous days in the fold of Mykonos.

You can book a 3-bedroom villa Mykonos for your family or friends. There is something so surreal about opening your window shutters with each sunrise, and rejoicing to the opulence of Greek villas.

If you wake up before your partner, you can simply lounge in the peaceful and serene outdoor living space of your 3-bedroom villa Mykonos. Or, you can dip your feet in your private pool, and get sun-kissed by the Mediterranean sun, while you express gratitude to your life. Or, if you are famished, you can ask your personal chef to prepare you your breakfast.

A 3-bedroom villa Mykonos is suitable to accommodate up to 5-6 guests or, you can also book it if you are travelling to Mykonos for your honeymoon. You can request for a villa with a swimming pool, and admire the beyond exquisite Mykonian architecture to your heart’s content. You will be provided with a private bathroom with shower and endless facilities and amenities to cater to your needs.

The splendor of Greek villa drips with white tones and blue undertones, and it harmonizes with intricate wood work and earthy tones to add a touch of luxuriousness to your 3-bedroom villa. The furnished villas will be your home for as long as you stay in Mykonos, and you can prepare your meals in the equipped kitchen or, ask the chef to prepare meals for you.